Saturday, July 23, 2005

Freaking out/ Corsica

I have realized, that probably due to the difficulty of getting online on the trip, I didn't mention that we went to Corsica. It is a small island off the coast of Italy. Long interesting history. I think it is owned by France still. We docked in Porto Vecchio. Sara and I rode a bus to the old town of Sartene, an ancient walled city. There was an open air market in the center plaza area selling pastry, cheese, clothes, shoes, herbs, etc......

We got to see a lot of Corsican countryside on the bus ride. It is a rather hilly place, and has very distinct wet/dry seasons. We were told that besides tourism, the country's income comes mostly from goverment subsidies. Sad state of affairs in our minds. Sara and I felt we could certainly change that should the people of Corsica decide to elect US to public office !! Or make us Queens.

I am totally besice myself--the internet is totally messed up and i am getting gipped out of about 60 bucks, sooooooooooo mad. L.
EDIT ADDED next day
Well,i had to spend some time, like almost an hour total explaining how the ships (apostrophies are am impossibility on many foreign keyboards as I cannot locate them for the life of me) internet computers incmpatibilities with AOL, which I do not use but which the guest right before me had used, and which locked up the so called computer on MY account minutes on HIS AOL account was not an AOL problem as the "technician was stating" but was a WINDSTAR problem as I saw it and therefore I expected them to handle it with fairness to me. When the girl in charge of the internet room showed up wthe keys to physically unlock the wooden boxes encasing the machines and reboot after i had yanked out the plugs from the wall in her absense, she informed me that the computer room was closing early as it was the last night and my last chance to use the computers was over, and taped on a sheet of printed plastic, a sign I had not noticed,. I had about 55 minutes left on my "contract".....I was furious.
So I went to the reception desk to insist on getting credit for unused portion, but they wanted to credit me the my package and then charge me the higher per minute rate as if I had bought the one minute at a time rate, so I ad to bring them to a understanding that they needed only charge me at the lower package rate per minute for theminutes of the block I had used, since using a package block was my intention and I tried to, but that it was THEIR idiotic equipment that screwed up. So finally they argeed.after continuous and careful and logical explaination on my part.
Traveling is full of the unexpected.and boy do I dislike AOL anyway......


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