Wednesday, July 27, 2005

last day-Sara

Today we went to Murano and watched the glass blowing and shopped. We have made our way around with vaporettas, the metro of the waterway. They hook up with one another on lines just as the metros do and one is herded like cattle on and off. It is interesting and not unpleasant at all, but it does remind one of a herd of animals.
The glass is beautiful.Venice is beautiful. The temperature seems like home.Last night we were in Lido, I think that island is kept for the Venicians. It is not on the tourist map, but on the real map. They had a spinning exercise class at a beach area, really gorgeous men calling out the instructions and leading the class. All the exercisers were women. The area had a place to rent beach houses, just like the early movies. All ages were there, young and old. It was clean. People took showers before they went home and dressed the children in pajamas or street clothes. There was an attendant.The sand is darker than Destin, but it is a great beach. The prices for food were reasonable.
Today at Murano I got charged a couper,or something like that. I asked what it was-it was for the use of a knife and fork ,. The other day on the square we were charged to sit in the chairs while drinking our dollar coffee at St. Marks squre. The range is wide and part of the experience.


Anonymous Carol said...

My goodness! Is it over? I'll have to find a new source of adventure without my daily readings of the Adventures of Lundy and Sara!

I will look forward to seeing photos (posted here?) when you get back to your comfortable techno-world, Lundy! I will be praying for your safe travel home.


10:15 PM  

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