Monday, July 25, 2005

Rome-2, Flea Market

Our hotel is a wonderful place and if Rome itself were not a more wonderful place, it would be tempting to hang out here all day just admiring this decor. We are on the north side of town, north even of the Borghese Villa and park area but there is a bus line near. We have been using the bus to leave and a taxi to return when we are too tired to move a muscle. Worth every penny at tht point.
We were fortunate to arrive in Rome on Sunday which is the day of the flea market in Trastevere which is a fascnating experience. I bought some old post cards from a dealer on old stamps and old correspondence. I will use them to make a scrapbook paper background for a European
travel set for my site. People have been asking for a travel set for a long time.

The "Smart Car", in red here, is very popular all over Europe. Other cars tend to be small size as well. They plan to sell them in the USA--click here to see the Smart USA site. The Smart Car is made by DaimlerChrysler in Europe.


Anonymous Little Brother said...

Establish world wide (forget third world countries) with internet cafes. Like you could be the Fred Smith of the internet. Pick big cities and standardize systems, software, time/pay, etc. Then travelers like you and even tourist would say, "Look, let's stop in here for some Java and surf the net or e-mail Aunt Sarah back in Idaho." You could be the McDonalds or Fed X of the internet service industry. I could travel around selling franchises and performing audits to assure conformance to you company standards. Eventually we may have a boat like George or Brad.

9:25 AM  
Blogger nm. said...

Marvelous idea from little brother! Every hip traveler making plans would say, "Do they have a Lundy's there?"
Have really enjoyed hearing of your adventures! Sara, it's been nice to hear your words after all these years! nm

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Carol McCaul said...

Sounds like you're getting tired. I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Little Rock to see my sister, and I'm exhausted. You and Sara should rest. Be glad you're not in the inferno also called Memphis right now. The heat is unbearable. Enjoy the nice mediterranean breezes by a fountain in a piazza (not sure if any of this makes sense, but it's how I imagine it) and eat some gelato! Chocolate, for me.


4:43 PM  

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