Thursday, July 28, 2005

Leaving Venice :o(

This moring we are sharing a water taxi to the airport with a lady from Calif. She is a writer who has been here a month working on a book. We are glad to share the cost of the boat taxi as it is pretty high and easily accommodates several people. She is happy about it too.
Sara and I had a wonderful waterside dinner last night of sea bass, salad, and Sara had a special white fish with olives dish of Venice.
One of the interesting things here is that in any cafe or restaurant you can just order a "beer", no brand specified, and the waiter tells the person behind the bar "one beer" (in Italian of course) and you get the great house choice of a light lager type. They do not bug you to name a brand, or waste time asking what brands they serve, etc...

We are sad to be leaving, as we have only scratched the surface of everywhere we have been. The progression from place to place has been a good one with each place getting better than the last. Sara will have to do a post about what surprised her most about the different places we went.

I will post photos here as Google owns blogspot and I will get free server space for them. We fly out at noon today. I was able to print the boarding passes here from the hotel online. I predict that a small laptop and wireless will be the way to go on the next trip to Europe. Then it is just amatter of choosing hotels that have wireless and checking to be sure the cost is reasonable or free. Or locating wireless hotspots in public places before you leave.


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