Friday, July 29, 2005

Flying Out- Memphis

Arrived late last night Memphis time, middle of night my
mental time, slept till mid morning here. To look at the
flight schedule on paper it looked like we had a nice
comfortable layover in each place to explore and read and
catch breath, Ha!....We made all 3 connections by the skin of
our teeth,just barely, by running thru miles of corridors,
w/ jeans totally saturated w/ sweat (ladylike huh?) and
joints in elbows and shoulders about to pull from sockets
dealing w/ luggage check-ins, check-outs, over ramps,
stairs,check-ins, check-outs, lifts, tubes, check-ins,
check-outs, cobblestones, check-ins, check-outs, and w/ a
heavy Venetian chandelier in pieces in a cardboard box
slung around my neck by a spare luggage strap i brought in
case any zippers failed. What a sight !! And when I finally
flopped down in a seat on one flight and the stewardess
offered drinks, I asked for some coke and she put 1 inch in
a plastic cup from a can and I politely asked please for
the rest of the can and she replied, "oh were there not any
drinks for sale in the airport?" the friendly
Another example of 'tourist' class vs. Biz class.

We had Biz class going over and tourist class coming home.
As different as Night and Day.

I will try to get a camera cable or a SD card reader at a shop here so I can post some of my own photos tonight. My own cable is in Gulf Shores, where I will be heading this weekend.

I will also posty a summary of travel tips I found most helpful.


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