Tuesday, August 09, 2005


On our trip, everywhere we went people kept approaching me to ask about my cool front closure, magnetic reading glasses. See them on my neck in Lucca here. Sooooooooooooo I came home and made a little web site to facilitate them being able to order them online, as I did. They are actually quite a bargain. Originally, I ordered one pair, liked them so much that I ordered two more in other colors. I took a spare pair in my suitcase, but never needed it. The lens fold at the hinge both inside and out almost 360 degrees, so that combined with the springiness of the acrylic of the frames, means no breakage. The lens don't seem to scratch either and I never use a case.
The new site is http://www.magnetglasses.com/ so it is easy to remember.....some strengths are available as sunglasses too and that is great for poolside reading. They say you can have prescription lens put in these inexpensive cool frames.


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