Saturday, July 30, 2005

Adding Photos

Lots of photos added now from Gulf Shores--scroll down or go to page 2 if the necessary--click image to see larger version of the pix. I am in Memphis and have transfered my photos from SD cards to disk. I have added a few to the Venice, Rome, St Tropez, PortoFino, Nice, Corsica, Monte Carlo, Montpellier, Florence & Livorno posts so scroll way down to see the Butterfly Museum, Sara's favorite place. The newly added comments are in purple. Click on the photos if you want to see a larger image. Here in Memphis, I have an older Win 98 computer and the version of Photoshop LE on it does not do batch resizing or batch anything and my connection is dial-up (slowish), so since I am driving to Gulf Shores on Monday morning, I will add most photos from there where I can quickly make them small enuf to upload to Blogger and do the uploads fast on the high speed connection.

For those of you who don't know, the photos I put on here from Europe are not mine, they are actually hot-linked from other websites and from their servers, which is verrrrrry rude and bad practice. I want to remove the 'borrowed' photos asap and put my own on before i start getting those nasty C & D letters.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Lundy and Sara,

I know how exhausting your trip must have been rushing around to see everything and then have the energy to write all that you have. Really is nice to read about your trip daily. It sure was one long month and glad its alittle cooler weather for your return compared to what it was. Glad your safe and sound!

1:11 AM  

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