Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thurs Night--Millie's Gift

My good friend, Millie King, gave me a beautiful silver bracelet for my trip with a charm of St. Christopher already on it. As everyone knows, St. Christopher stands for 'safe-keeping', so I consider it a very special gift from Millie. She is a wonderful gift giver and always comes up w/ creative and special surprises and this is just like her. She had the idea for me to get different charms from places I go. It is an old fashioned and good fun idea. And bless her heart, she wanted me to start out with St.Christopher, to insure a safe return :o)
I love her !

Leaving on Friday for London

Sara and I flyout of Memphis in the evening....this blog might be the best way for me to communicate w/ friends on this trip...don't know if I will be able to add any photos from afar tho. People might not let me download photos from my camera to their hotel computer so I can upload them to the blog.